The Texas Rangers are set to clash with the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum on May 8, 2024. This anticipated matchup is slated to begin at 7:07 PM under clear skies. Leading the charge for the Rangers will be pitcher Jack Leiter, who currently holds an ERA of 17.182. Opposing him on the mound for the Athletics will be Osvaldo Bido, boasting a flawless ERA of 0.000.

In the 2024 AL West Division standings, the Rangers are 9th with a record of 15-14, giving them a .520 winning percentage. They hold a divisional record of 5-8 and rank 2nd in their division. The team has garnered 5 wins in their last 10 games, and they’re riding the momentum of a recent win. On the road, they have a slightly better record of 7-6 compared to their home record of 8-8. They’ve won 4 day games and 11 night games, scoring a total of 132 runs while conceding 125.

Conversely, the Athletics find themselves 12th in the standings, with a 13-17 record and a .430 winning percentage. Their divisional record stands at 2-1, placing them 3rd. The Athletics’ recent performance includes 5 victories in their last 10 outings, and they are currently on a two-game winning streak. They exhibit a home record of 5-9 and an equal road record of 8-8, with more wins in day games (9) compared to night games (4). The team has scored 89 runs and allowed 128.

In terms of the betting landscape, the stakes are intriguing. The current point spread is 1.5, and the over/under for the game is set at 8.0. Odds show the Rangers as -132 favorites on the away team moneyline, while the Athletics are not far behind with a +110 on the home team moneyline. Such figures suggest a tight contest but indicate a slight edge towards the Rangers in what promises to be an engaging baseball duel.